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5800 Kanan Road

Agoura Hills, CA. 91301

2+1 811 s.f. 


Concrete Wall


July 1, 2024 Assembly Bill No. 12 Security deposits.
The bill prohibits a landlord from demanding or receiving security for a rental agreement for residential property in an amount or value in excess of an amount equal to one month’s rent, regardless of whether the residential property is unfurnished or furnished, in addition to any rent for the first month paid on or before initial occupancy.

I recommend reading the full text at the California Legislature information website l

June 30, 2024, the new thresholds for ULA will be $5,150,000 and $10,300,000. Transactions above $5,150,000 but under $10,300,000 will be assessed a 4% tax and transactions $10,300,000 and up will be assessed a 5.5% tax.

For more information regarding this City of Los Angeles Imposed Tax on Real Property please visit Real Property Transfer Tax and Measure ULA FAQ | Los Angeles Office of Finance (

I personally believe it is very important to read and understand State Assembly and Senate Bills as well as Local City and County Ordinances. The new and existing laws affecting Real Estate taxes, small businesses, roads, schools, community safety and local ballot measures that introduce proposals to fight crime, curb homelessness, mental illness are found both at the State Level in Sacramento, as well as the local level in the City and County of Los Angeles. 
If you want to track tax dollar spending, care about your constitutional rights and want to decode the Proposition labels such as "The Safe Neighborhood Act," known as Proposition 47, then please stay informed and vote!




1960's Modern Condo

Hancock Park 



109 N Sycamore #309

2+1 909s.f. Sold For $728,000.00


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Modern Interior Design


In terms of real-estate agents, Chris is the perfect combination of diligent, personable, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and patient. I really lucked out finding him for my first home purchase. We looked at close to 20 homes in 5 months until I found exactly what I was looking for. That's when the real work started. Chris was tireless when it came to answering questions from me and my family members. He orchestrated quotes for repairs and was able to get a large credit so I could move into a perfect home which appraised substantially higher than the purchase price. I was updated constantly along the way and felt comfortable knowing I could reach him ANY time.

Lauren D. Culver City, CA.

Both my husband and I have worked with other real estate agents in the past.  None of them delivered in the many ways that Chris did - from his fantastic work ethic and responsiveness to his unmatched expertise.  Chris really listened to our personal goals for selling our place, and then made it his own personal mission to be a first-rate agent - thoughtfully and patiently guiding us through every step of our sale, and a savvy networker and knowledgeable resource on the current state of the market.  Our sale wouldn't have gone so smoothly without his expertise on our neighborhood. We would be thrilled to work with Chris Danna again!

Maggie M. Hollywood Hills, CA.

Chris Danna is a killer agent and somebody who really understands how to handle a persons largest asset, Real Estate.  I have a house in Beverly Hills, a Farm in the Midwest and a Chateau in France and Chris not only handled it all, he negotiated a hell of a deal on my French Chateau while selling my farm in the Midwest all from his office in Beverly Hills. I highly recommend you come to Beverly Hills and have Lunch with Chris and interview him for your next  Listing because he is one of a kind.

Dr. Ira Grove Beverly Hills, CA.

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Christopher Danna
Real Estate Agent
Nest Seekers International 
271 N. Canon Drive Beverly Hills, CA. 90210
DRE # 01369918

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